Drunken Stubmle

Brewing a new Batch

It has been over two years since Drunken Stumble was first built by four very creative (and somewhat inebreated) individuals;

Hacked together in only 48 hours during the 2011 boston Hack Day hackathon Drunken Stumble allowed you to plan 'dynamic pub crawls'. Allowing you to find the bars nearest to you and tweet about which one you were headed to next and even providing a list of local taxi services for when your crawl had ended. At the end of the hackathon Drunken Stumble walked away with the awards for Best Mobile App and Crowd Favorite.

Alas a hacked project does not always withstand the hands of time. Api's change, services add limits or shut down, hosting prices increase and the bug reports pile up. For Drunken Stumble this meant that it no longer worked as expected. But fear not, Because Drunken Stumble is in the midst of being rebuilt! A fully thought out and robust service, allowing pub crawls to intergrate with the social sphere! Just like a good beer or wine, it takes time for the complexity and flavors to fully develop. We hope you'll stay with us as we brew our next batch.

- The Drunken Stumble Team